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Three Ways to Keep your Garage Door in Top Shape

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Three Ways to Keep your Garage Door in Top Shape

Keep your Garage Door in Top Shape | Garage Door Repair Merrick, NY

When you take care of your system at regular intervals, you can notice the very beginning of a problem and nip it in the bud. Here’s how.

  1. Play Detective

    Inspect the whole system visually and look for things such as loosened hinges, sagging chains or belt and missing nuts and bolts. These might seem irrelevant, but play an important role in keeping the system running safely and smoothly. Next, make sure tracks aren’t dented and rollers are rolling and not simply sliding along. And finally, check the state of your springs and cables. If the cable is frayed or you see a small gap in the spring, stop using your door and call professionals.
  2. Fix Smaller Issues

    Any homeowner should be able to safely tighten hinges and put in a new bolt or two. You can also fix a dent in the track with a rubber hammer or clean debris from the tracks. Another safe and important task is lubrication: you’ll prevent rusting and reduce the noise. Lubricate the moving parts of the door (but only those made of metal), and make sure to wipe off any excess product.  Remember to steer clear from cables and springs - these components can cause injury and death if not handled by a professional.
  3. Test the System

    Start by closing the door and disconnecting the opener. Then, try to lift the door by hand and leave it open halfway. If the door stays in position, you have a well-balanced door. To test the door opener, place a piece of wood on the floor in the door’s path and push the close button. If the door fails to reverse when it strikes the wood, have it repaired. Finally, test the force setting. Place your hand under the door as it’s on its way down and try to stop it. If it doesn’t automatically go back up, check your manual to see how to adjust the force and then test it again. 

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