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Garage Door Repair Projects

Looking for professionals who can help you with your garage door? Our trusty team is at your service. Check out some of the projects our experts completed recently.

Garage Door Replacement Near Freeport Area

Garage Door Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Butler wanted new garage doors that would last for a long time, and be low maintenance.
Our Solution: Raynor BuildMark model garage doors had the properties that Mr. Butler had been searching for. Not only would they look beautiful with their woodgrain texture, but he could find the proper wind load pressure rating to assure it would last. Our professionals removed the original doors from the system, and installed the new Raynor doors, connecting the springs and cables and checking the balance.

Dexter Butler - Freeport
Sensor Alignment, Roosevelt NY

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Mrs. Parker has accidentally knocked her sensors out of alignment.
Our Solution: The customer’s sensors had been severely tweaked out of proper placement, so our technicians took careful measurements across the door frame to find the exact positions they needed to be in to be aligned again. After adjusting them accordingly, the system was tested for safety.

Carol Parker - Roosevelt
Opener Repair, Bellmore NY

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The electric opener became unresponsive and its lights remained off, even when it was plugged in.
Our Solution: The team opened the device up and found where the power cable had come out of the battery, though the customer was at a loss to explain how. Replacing the cord and carefully wiring it into place restored power to the opener, along with full functionality.

Ellis O’Malley - Bellmore
Cable Replacement, Garage Door Repair Merrick NY

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Lift cable broke.
Our Solution: Although the second cable didn't break, its condition was far less than ideal. We removed both units and fitted two new ones in their place. Then we tested the torsion spring, lubricated it, and made sure the door could open and close smoothly and safely.

Ian Lambart - Merrick
Garage Door Off Track, Garage Door Repair Merrick

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Rollers popped out of the tracks.
Our Solution: The first thing we did was repair the bent parts of the track that had caused the units to come off. Then we inserted the rollers back inside it and lubricated them to ensure their smooth movement.

Billy Jackson - Freeport
Spring Replacement, Garage Door Repair Merrick

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Extension spring broke.
Our Solution: We didn't just remove the damaged unit but its counterpart as well, seeing as it looked to be in nearly as bad a shape. We installed two new springs on the door, and made sure they were properly secured with safety cables to keep them from whipping around if they break.

Hugh Beggins - Merrick
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